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Under 14s win important direct encounter

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On Saturday 26th January, Qormi Under 14s managed to beat Sliema 3-2 in a very close encounter. This victory gave the top of the table to Qormi after the end of the 1st round.


Williams had a headache with missing players as C.Mifsud, C.Cutajar, M.Borg and N.Zammit where all missing due to sickness. Williams had also in doubt, until the starting of the match Kurt Darmanin due to injury. However, luckily for the Yellows Darmanin managed to be part of the team and resulted in being the player that managed to make the difference with 2 important goals.


Williams started with Borg between poles. After being out of the Under 14s team for a while, Borg came back with a very good display and was an important player through the match. The back line was formed from Hammad, Grixti and Gatt, while Keith Bajada and Deguara played in midfield. Upfront began youngster Luke Bajada.


Qormi took control of the match and tried to open the score on several times. However Sliema where well organized and defended very well, with the blues playing on the counter. In fact it was thanks to Borg on several occasions that the Qormi team did not suffer the goals.


The Qormi players went all on the attack and with the team too high Sliema managed to pass through and had their 1st short corner. From this corner, Sliema went up front. Qormi kept on attacking and from a Grixti cross, Darmanin deflected in the corner to get the draw.


In the second half the game kept on the same rythm and from a counter attack Sliema managed to go in front again. Whilst keeping on the attack, Qormi rearguard was too open and on 3 occasions it had to be keeper Jeremy Borg to save the goals and keep Qormi in the match.


However from one of the Short corners that Qormi had, Keith Bajada dribbled through the rushing out player and pushed into goal for th 2-2. Few minutes later and from a cross on the right side, Darmanin pushed into goal for the 3-2. Qormi controlled the remaing moments and managed to get a suffered but very important win.


Unfortunatly after the match, Sliema coach reacted very badly and protested with the umpires for their decisions during the match. Surely not a way to teach juniors how to act in a sports.


Qormi Starting line up: J.Borg, K.Gatt, K.Grixti, O.Hammad, K.Bajada, A.Deguara, L.Bajada

Used Subs: F.Cutajar, M.Calleja, K.Busuttil, J.Mifsud

Qormi 16s go a step closer to the title

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Qormi 16s on Saturday 5th January made another step to win the National title for the 5th consectuve year and the 7th time in the last 8 years.


In fact Qormi has easily beat Sliema in a 5-0 final result, that could have been easily much bigger in favor of the Qormi team. Piscopo had missing Shamison Mifsud, that although he returned for training this week, he is slowly recovering from his injury. Also Jeremy Cutajar was missing due to illness. Piscopo in fact opted for an agressive line up so that the Qormi team went on the attack from the 1st minutes.


With Jeremy Farrugia between posts together with Mansueto and Bernice Calleja as defenders, the reargaurd was very rarely in any trouble. Brincat and Bonello played on the sides, while skipper DeGiovanni and Micallef played as midfielders. Said began as the main striker.


Sliema opted to defend with all players and flicked in open space to clear the balls. Piscopo reacted tactically and introduced Falzon in the front line instead of one of the defenders. This gave the wished result and a goal from Micallef and another one from Falzon gave a 2-0 lead till half time.


In the 2nd half Gatt came in defense together with Jake Mifsud, while reserve keeper Borg played the last 15 minutes. The 2nd half was more one sided then the 1st. Qormi lost several chances that in other matches could have easily been scored. However goals from Micallef, Falzon and DeGiovanni closed the match on 5-0. With this result Qormi are 4 points above Floriana with 3 matches to go. in a forthnight Qormi will be playing against White Hart while Floriana will be facing Sliema in a must win match for Floriana. Qormi are in the front seat now and should manage to win the 5th consecutive title in the 16s category.


Starting line up: J.Farrugia, B.Calleja, I.Mansueto, G.Bonello, I.Mansueto, T.DeGiovanni, K.Micallef, R.Said

Used subs: O.Borg, C.Gatt, J.Mifsud, A.Falzon




Qormi organize the 2nd Xmas Cup Edition

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On Saturday 22nd December Qormi Hockey Nursery organized the 2nd edition of the Xmas Cup. This festival was played in a very friendly atmosphere vetwen the 2 leading clubs at the 16s level.


However as expected Qormi easily won the competition, winning all matches with high scores.



For more information visit the Xmas Cup page

16s beat Floriana to increase lead

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Qormi 16s faced Floriana in a direct encounter for the national 16s title this year. After in the 1st round Qormi won 5-0, Floriana needed to beat Qormi so that they can get in line with the Qormi team on Points. However Qormi where far superior in the 2nd encounter and won this title matche 8-1.


Qormi began on top gear as just after 1 minute Micallef reversed hit a ball from the top of the De that rose in the top corner to open the account on the day.


Qormi kept on attacking and Flkoriana could not get a grip on the situation. In fact Qormi doubled the score just after the 6th minute from Brincat.


This was a prelude for more goals and another 2 from Kyle Micallef, 2 from Roland Said, Thomas DeGiovani and Isaac Mansueto mnade the final result very one sided.


Starting Line up: J.Farrugia, B.Calleja, I.Mansueto, L.Brincat, K.Micallef, T.DeGiovanni, R.Said

From the bench: C.Gatt, C.Mifsud, J.Mifsud, A.Falzon, G.Bonello


After this win Qormi has a 4 point lead on Floriana. As the new year comes on Qormi will face Sliema, that although are not a league contender this season having lost twice to Floriana and once to Qormi, they will surely be a hard team to beat. In the 1st round Qormi won 2-1 this encounter.


Brincat goes over the 100 goal mark!!!!

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In a very cold atmosphere, on Monday evening, the Qormi 9-a-side team began his season with a match against Sliema. The Qormi team won this match 3-1. During this match Luke Brincat mangaed to do a double that brought his total number of career goals for Qormi HC to 101goals.


Luke plays as a flank player on both sides of the pitch, in a midfielder role. He is getting renowned for his pace and technical abilities in the match. For a flank player scoring 100 goals is surely no easy feet! He has went through the ranks of all club categories, from the Under 12 to today being part of the 1st senior team. He also presented Qormi when the nursery went abroad to San Cataldo, Monfalcone and Murska Sobota.


This season Luke is an important part of the 16s team that is leading the league table. He is also part of the 9-a-side team and the Club 1st team.


Last season he was one of the players that has been loaned to White Hart to get important experience in the Seniors level. Till date this year he is making a very good impact on the 1st team and has been part of the 1st team selection for 3 matches this season, one of them being the final of the Challenge Cup that the club won.


During his career, till date Luke managed to win twice the Under 12, 4 times the Under 14, another 4 times the Under 16, the 9-a-side and the Seniors Challenge Cup.  


Well Done Luke!!!!!!



 Luke Brincat with the 2011-12 team that won the Under 16 league                       Luke Brincat


Luke Brincat in action at Murska Sobota against HK Marathon (Croatia)



Qormi 16s win 4th game in a row

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On Saturday, 8th December, Qormi 16s played their 1st match of the 2nd round against White Hart.


Piscopo had still missing with injury keeper Shamison Mifsud, while Jeremy Cutajar and Owen Borg where missing due being sick.


Between pole began Jeremy Farrugia, while that back 2 where Bernice Calleja and Clayton Gatt. On the flanks Luke Brincat and Kyle Micallef, while in midfield Isaac Mansueto and Thomas DeGiovani  supported lone striker Ayrton Falzon.


As expected, White Hart tried to defend in an organized manner and in the 1st half managed to keep the score as low as 2-1 for the Yellows.  However in the 2nd half Qormi improved their play and managed to score another 6 times (Scorers Micallef 3, Said 2, Brincat 2, Mansueto) for a final result of 8-1


Starting line up: J.Farrugia, B.Calleja, C.Gatt, L.Brincat, I.Mansueto, K.Micallef, A.Falzon

Used subs: C.MIfsud, J.Mifsud, G.Bonello, R.Said


In the other fixture Floriana manged to beat again Sliema in a tight affair, with a final result of 2-1. Therefore next weekend match against Floriana is a very important match for both teams to indicate where the title will land this season. Qormi has 2 points advantage in the league table.


Come on Yellows!!!!!


Bajada brothers score 7 in Qormi 14s 1st match.

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Qormi Under 14 team began the defense of the title with a very good win against Floriana.


After the laying of the 1st stone of the new Qormi Hockey Club House on Saturday, 1st December, club Secretary and Under 14 coach, John Williams, assisted from Joseph Cuschieri, continued with his 1st game as the under 14 coach.


After last season he was responsable of the Under 12s, this season he took responsability of the Under 14 team. He could not begin with a better match, beating Floriana Young Stars 9-0!!!!!


This season Qormi have a new group of players in the Under 14 team, mainly coming from the St.Dorothy summer hockey training. In fact Williams began with 10 year old, debutant Craig MIfsud between poles. Kurt Grixti together with Kurt Darmanin and Shawn Mifsud formed the back line of the team. While Keith Bajada in midfield was supported by 9 year old Luke Bajada and another debutant Karl Gatt.


Qormi began very good and the passing and one touch play showed the superiority between teams. After few minutes in fact Keith Bajada opened the score. The Qormi team, kept on attacking and the same player scored another 3 in the 1st half. Also his brother Luke Bajada scored to put the Qormi team 5-0 up in half time.


During the 2nd half, kept the same momentum and in fact in the 2nd half, Keith Bajada scored his 5th, Luke Bajada his 2nd, Kurt Grixti and Thomas Taliana the other 2 goals for a final result of 9-0.


During the match Williams introduced several players, some of them doing their debut in the maltese hockey. In fact Francesca Cutajar, Omar Hammad and debutant Christina Cutajar came in a defensive role while 10 year old debutant Jacob Galea, Martin Calleja, Kimberly Mifsud and Thomas Taliana played in an attacking position.


Starting Line up: C.Mifsud, K.Grixti, K.Darmanin, S.Mifsud, K.Bajada, K.Gatt, L.Bajada

Used players: F.Cutajar, C.Cutajar, O.Hammad, J.Galea, T.Taliana, M.Calleja, K.Mifsud


16s win 3rd match to consolidate 1st place

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ON Saturday 24th November, Qormi 16s faced Sliema. The opposition needed desperately a win so that they can get back in the title run, after they already lost to Floriana.


However, Piscopo and co. had other plans for the day.


In fact, Qormi dominated the game, but failed to finalize in pole. After a good action, Qormi managed to open the score with a Micallef finish. However on the 1st shot at goal Sliema managed to draw the result. Sliema were close to double just after they drew, from a side line.


However Qormi took control again and Micallef deflected in goal to double his personal and the team goals.


Starting line up: J.Farrugia, J.Cutajar, L.Brincat, I.Mansueto, T.DeGiovanni, G.Bonello, K.Micallef, A.Falzon

Used subs: O.Borg, C.Gatt, J.Mifsud, R.Said


With this result Qormi are 2 points above Floriana and 4 above Sliema. Next weekend, Qormi will meet White Hart.


             Back: O.Piscopo, J.Farrugia, C.Gatt, B.Calleja, K.Micallef, J.Cutajar, G.Bonello, O.Borg, J.Cuschieri

                               Front: S.Mifsud, A.Falzon, J.Mifsud, T.DeGiovanni, I.Mansueto, L.Brincat

16s skipper DeGiovanni opens the scoring account with the 1st team!

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On Sunday 18th, Qormi 1st team faced Rabat in the Challenge cup Semi final. Qormi played a very good match and managed to pass to the final with an impressive 4-2 win.


On the day Qormi had on the bench Thomas DeGiovanni, the 16s team skipper. This was his second match for the seniors after making his debut in the group match vs White Hart. In the middle of the 2nd half he went on the pitch in an atacking midfield role, and after just a few minutes ha made a real impact with making a desicive pass to Jonathan Borg, that went around the keeper and put Qormi 3-1 upfront.


However a few minutes later Borg passed a perfect pass to DeGiovanni that flicked the ball over the rushing out Rabat keeper for the 4-1 lead. This was his 1st goal on senior level.


DeGiovanni is not the only nursery player that this season played for the sniors. In fact Luke Brincat also made his debut against White Hart in the Challenge Cup group stage. 


Both players together with Zachary DeGiovanni and Charlo Sammut joined this season our senior 1st team after they took very valuable experience with White Hart on a season long loan last season.  These players all are coming from our nursery setup and this should encourage the young players in our Nursery to do their utmost and emulate the achievemnts of these 4 players.


Well done to all four of you.

Qormi beats Floriana to take league table lead

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Qormi 16s on Saturday 17th November, met Floriana YS. Floriana has just beaten Sliema with a very good display and this prospected to a balanced affair. However Qormi were superior from the 1st minute and the result of 5-0 shows the difference betwen teams.  


Piscopo had only missinh S.Mifsud through injury. He kept Farrugia between poles. Calleja kept her central role together with the return of Cutajar, after loosing last week game due to injury. Bonello and Brincat took the side roles, while Mansueto and DeGiovanni as central midfielders, with Micallef upfront.


Floriana tried to control the Qormi players but good teamwork was evident and Qormi were superior. From a Brincat run on the left side Bonello went in and deflected in the net. Qormi kept on attacking buit failed to finish in goals.


However in the 2nd half Qormi made their superiority counts and Micallef doubled the score. From a short corner Brincat scored the third, while from another cross from the left side, Roland Said scored the 4th. In the dying minutes, Mansueto hit from the top of the dee, that probably was from the outside, hit the keeper and went in for the final result of 5-0.


Staring Line up: J.Farrugia, B.Calleja, J.Cutajar, G.Bonello, I.Mansueto, L.Brincat, T.DeGiovanni, K.Micallef

Used subs: O.Borg, C.Gatt, J.Mifsud, A.Falzon, R.Said


Next Saturday Qormi will face Sliema in the 3rd and last match of the 1st round.