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Under 16s begin title defense with White Hart

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On Saturday 10th September Qormi 16s began the title defense with a relative easy fixture against White Hart. Piscopo had 2 players missing in keeper Mifsud and central defender Cutajar due to injury.


Piscopo began with experienced Farrugia between poles. In front of him Calleja was supported from Mifsud and Bonello on the sides. In midfield Mansueto, DeGiovanni and Brincat, while as sole striker began Falzon. Qormi took some time to settle down, however after 10 minutes opened the score through substitute Micallef. This was the beginning and more goals came easily as the time passed, closing the 1st half 5-0 with the other goals from Falzon, Brincat, DeGiovanni and Mansueto.


Piscopo introduced some new players in the setup with Borg and Gatt making their debut for the 16s. With the final score finishing 12-0 the superiority was very evident. The scorers in the 2nd half where Falzon (3), Mansueto (2), Micallef and Said.


Starting line up: J.Farrugia, B.Calleja, G.Bonello, J.Mifsud, I.Mansueto, L.Brincat, T.DeGiovanni (Capt.), A.Falzon

Used subs: O.Borg, C.Gatt, K.Micallef, R.Said


Next weekend Qormi will face high flying Floriana Young Stars. Piscopo hopes to recover influential Jeremy Cutajar for this important match, while Shamison MIfsud will not be back before the new year.


Qormi this season have 5 players that are already playing in the National league. DeGiovanni and Brincat are this season part of the Qormi 1st team, while MIcallef, Cutajar and Mansueto are playing on loan with White Hart in the National league. This should help the team to get a grip on the next important game.

Shamison Mifsud out from 1st competitive matches

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On Saturday 3rd Novemebr during the Malta Rally, Smaison MIfsud got injured from a bad tackle from one of the foreign opponents. Mifsud had to leave the pitch ansd could not continue playing in the remaining 2 matches.


On Sunday it was known the extense of the injury and he will be out for some weeks with a broken foot.


From all the Nursery members we wish you a speed recovery!!!! Get well soon Shamy!!!!!


Under 16s place 2nd in the Malta Rally 2012

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On Saturday 3rd November Qormi Under 16s took part in the annual Malta Rally festival. This is an annual festival that serves for the club Under 16s as a pre-season.


Qormi had an overall good tournament winning all the group matches. However in the final Qormi faced Sliema in a game where the Qormi players could not materialize their superiority. In fact after Falzon opened the score in the 2nd half, Sliema managed to get the draw. As the game went to the golden goal, Sliema managed to score from a short corner set piece.


Qormi Players: Jeremy Farrugia, Shamison Mifsud, Bernice Calleja, Jeremey Cutajar, Jake Mifsud, Carmen Mifsud, Clayton Gatt, Isaac Mansueto, Thomas DeGiovanni, Luke Brincat, Kurt Grixti, Glen Bonello, Kyle MIcallef, Ayrton Falzon, Roland Said


Next weekend Qormi will begin this season competiutions with a match vs Floriana

New season 2012-13 setup changes and training begins

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After the great  success that the Nursery had during the last years, Qormi Hockey Nursery made some changes to keep on the momentum that is going around the club, ensuring that the Nursery keeps and improve its level. With Andre Ghio being appointed as the Seniors Team coach, the Nursery appointed Jonathan Aquilina as the new Youth Development officer. Jonathan has been part of the Nursery setup for the last few years, working in the development programs within schools and in the administration. Jonathan has also been the 9-a-side team Manger for 2 seasons (2010-11 and 2011-12) winning both seasons.


The Under 16s will be coached by Owen Piscopo and assisted by Joseph Cuschieri. Owen has managed the Under 16 back in 2010-11 season, winning the competition. Owen has also managed the Under 12 and Under 14, winning all the competitions. Last season Owen was assistant to Andre Ghio in the Under 16 and Managed the Under 14, giving him a very good knowledge of the current Under 16 players potential.


In the Under 14 Qormi will have John Williams coaching the team. Wiliams will be replacing Piscopo after last season having his 1st experience in team management with the Under 12 team. In fact he managed to keep the winning streak by confirming the Qormi Under 12 as National champions. Williams has been also coaching in the Under 12 and beginers level for several years.


For the Under 12 category, Qormi Hockey Nursery will be having Keith Calleja managing the squad. This will be his 1st experience in team management after 3 years in the beginners coaching at the club. Keith has been one of the main coaches that introduced new kids to the club through his highly successful Summer school program at St.Dorothy School. He will be supported by Youth Development Officer Jonathan Aquilina and beginners assistant Kyle MIcallef.


The beginners, Under 12 and Under 14 training sessions, although still in the summer training way, has been moved to Saturday morning, while the Under 16 training has comenced last thursday at 17:00 under the guidance of Piscopo and Cuschieri.

Junior Annual Presentation

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On the 6th of July Qormi Hockey Nursery organized the annual presentation. This activity also marked the 10th anniversery of the Nursery re-building.


After a long time without a proper nursery, Joe Grech, Gaston DeGiovanni and Steve Cachia began a new group of kids to re-build the Qormi Nursery again. This took some time to build up, however after 10 years the Qormi Hockey Nursery bolster to have the biggest nursery and the became the most succesfull nursery ever on the Maltese islands.


For this activity the Nursery organized the annual bar-b-que, having also the most ever people attending for the presentation, over 150 people.


During the activity Nursery presented the junior honors to the beginners, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Girls category. Also the Nursery presented the most prestigouis honor given by our nursery, the Junior Club Award.


This year this honor was given to Under 16 player, Kyle Micallef. Kyle this year helped through out the season in the nursery training on Saturday mornings and was an important person in his year development of the beginners group.



Annual Presentation on the 6th July

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On Friday, the 6th of July, Qormi Hockey Nursery will be organizing the annual Presentation.


This year Annual Presentation will also be commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Nursery setup.


During the presentation the Qormi Hockey Nursery will be givingseveral personal honors for all categories.

In fact in every category the nursery gives the most improved, most promising and most dedicated player. Also at the end the Junior Club award will be given Nursery member that was most of good example to his team mates.  


For this event the Nursery will be also organizing a bar-b-que that wil be before the presentation.

The bar-b-que menu is as follows:


Seniors €15: Cube Raoll or half Chicken, Sausages, Rice Salad, Patato Salad, Vegetable Salad, Dessert, Glass of wine or soft drink

Juniors: Burger or 6 chicken nuggets or 2 Wudy Sausages, chips, Dessert, Soft Drink


For booking please contact Andre Ghio or Peter Grech. Hope to see you all.

National Champions, Qormi 14s wins all matches

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On Saturday 5th May, Qormi Under 14s played their last match of the season. Although it was of no importance the result of this match, Qormi played one of their best matches of the season, getting laso the biggest win , a 9-0 against Sliema. This win also meant that apart of winning this category for teh 6th year running, it also meant that this was the 3rd consecutive year that Qormi won all matches in the competition. The last time that Qormi lost a match in the Under 14 competitions we must go back to 18th April 2009!!!!! As from that date Qormi Under 14s played 22 mathces and won them all!!!!   


For the last match of the Season Piscopo chose Owen Borg between poles. Clayton Gatt supported from Andre Deguara and Kurt Grixti at the back. Keith Bajada and Roland Said in midfield supported sole striker Ismael Azzopardi. In this match the Qormi team gave a display of great teamwork and the ball moved impressively with accurate passing and very good running off the ball. Deguara on the right flank was a headache to the Sliema defense, while Bajada and Saidmastered the middle of the pitch and found each other very easily.


In the 1st minute Qormi opened the score from Said and this also made it easier for the Qormi players to set the pace. After 9 year old Luke Bajada and Omar Hammad came in, Qormi managed to double the score.


In the 2nd part of the match Piscopo introduced on the pitch Kurt Darmanin and Francesca Cutajar at the back, while Marylin Borg and Isamel Azzopardi played a midfield reole. Team skipper and usually keeper, Shamison Mifsud together with Thomas Taliana played upfront.


The 2nd half was a one way match. Said scored a brace (personal hattrick), Luke Bajada added another, skipper Mifsud a brac. Keith Bajada scored one, while Thomas Taliana closed the curtain with the 9th and his personal 1st ever official goal!


Starting line up: O.Borg, C.Gatt, A.Deguara, K.Grixti, K.Bajada, R.Said, I.Azzopardi

Used subs: O.Hammad, K.Darmanin, F.Cutajar, M.Borg, L.Bajada, S.Mifsud, T.Taliana


Well done to all the players and especially to Owen and Joseph! 


Qormi 9-a-side complete the Total National Champions

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On Monday Qormi 9-a-side team, was confimred as 9-a-side champions for the 4th year running. But this also meant that for the 3rd consecutive year Qormi has won All National Leagues in All categories!


This clearly shows that Qormi are totally dominating the domestic Hockey competiutions for the last 3 years!


However Steve Tanti, assisted by Owen PIscopo, had a hard nut to crack this season. With Qormi opting to loan 4 players to White Hart so they get senior 1st team experience, Tanti lost 4 important players from his team. However Tanti showed trust in the new kids coming from the Nursery setup and introduced several players to get their 1st experiencxe in the 9-a-side.


In fact Tanti introduced 15 year old defender Bernice Calleja, 14 year old midfielders Isaac Mansueto and Glen Bonello and striker Kyle MIcallef. During the last few matches Roland Said was also utilized in the 9-a-side.Together with these players, however in their 2nd season in the 9-a-side where keeper Jonathan Fenech and Kym Bianco which are still from the current under 16 side.


The season was hardly fought against White Hart, that had 4 of our own players that are on loan, and Rabat. However the Qormi team never lost a match, with the last match being in a forthnight against bottom classified Sliema, the team is still unbeaten.


Qormi 9-a-side utilized Squad: Tyrone Vella, Jonathan Fenech, Ryan Brincat, Juan Sarcia, Rudolph Camilleri, Bernice Calleja, Kym Bianco, Rebecca Mifsud, Christian Sammut, Isaac Mansueto, Justin Bonello, Keith Calleja (Capt.), Glen Bonello, Julian Zahra, Kyle MIcallef, Roland Said, Ramon Chircop 


Well done to all, especially to Steve and Owen for their great job with our future senior players!



Qormi Under 12 win 2nd festival and this season overall National Competition!

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On Saturday at the Floriana hockey pitch, Qormi Under 12s managed to win the festival and confirm themselves as National champions for the 6th year in a row!


For the 2nd festival, Qormi took part with 2 teams as already done in the 1st festival. The 1st encounter was between our 2 teams. Williams taking care of the 1st team selected an attacking formation, while Calleja opted for a more defensive aproach. However, the 1st team was superioir and managed to win 3-0 the Qormi derby with a brace from Bajada and another one from skipper Dimech.


In the 2nd match Qormi B face Floriana. For this match Calleja's team played much beter and manage dto beat the home team 2-0 with a brace from Azzopardi.

In the last match Qormi 1st team faced Floriana in a balanced game and a goal from EDaniel ELlul made all the difference.


After this festival Qormi 1st team has a total of 12 points while Qormi B has 8. Floriana stands 3rd with 3 points. With only 1 festival remaining Qormi are mathematically champions while Qormi B will need to finish over Floriana to keep the 2nd place. 

Qormi U14 National champions for the 6th year in a row!!!

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On Saturday Qormi Under 14 has beaten Stelmar and confirmed the 6th title in 6 years! This is a new national record as no other club managed to do so.


Stelmar being the closest opponent to the Qormi team, tried to stop the Qormi team from registering the 8th win in so many games. However Qormi although not playing at their best, manage dto win 4-1 teh match, with the result showing clearly the difference in level betwen the two teams.


Piscopo started with skipper, Mifsud between poles while Gatt, Deguara and Hammad on the back line. After the very good displays in the friendlies, Piscopo opted for Grixti in midfield together with Bajada. Said being the only striker.


After few minutes Qormi opened the score with Deguara, while in the last few minutes of the 1st half Under 10 Luke Bajada managed to double the score after going around teh keeper.


In the 2nd half Qormi kept on atacking and 2 other goals, on efrom Said and teh other from Luke Bajada again, brought the score to 4-0. However in the last few minutes Stelmar managed to get a concolation goal to a 4-1 final result.


With this win Qormi are mathematically Under 14 national league champions although still one game has to be played in a forthnight.


Starting line up: S.Mifsud (Capt.), C.Gatt, A.Deguara, O.Hammad, K.Grixti, K.Bajada, R.Said

Used Subs: O.Borg, K.Darmanin, M.Borg, F.Cutajar, I.Azzopardi, L.Bajada