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Qormi Under 11 National Champions !!!!!

Posted by QHN on April 4, 2016 at 9:10 AM

The Under 11s, on Saturday took partt in the 4th Under 11 festival of the season. The Under 11 competition is organized on 4 festivals which are played from January till April. This season The Qormi team hads been managed by Thomas DeGiovanni, assisted from Jeremy Farrugia and Bernice Calleja.

Qormi managed to win together with White Hart A the 1st festival back in January. During the February tournament Qormi won the festival, while Sliema placed 2nd. In the March (3rd festival) Qormi placed in 2nd place, behind Sliema Hs. With these results Qormi placed 1st with a total 16 points while the other clubs where 86 points behind. This meant that Qormi needed only to partecipate and place with the 1st 5 teams to be declared as champions. 

However on Saturday, Qormi Under 11 went out and won the 3 matches they had to play. This gave the Under 11 title to Qormi

Well done to all the players that took part in these festivals and to all the Coaching staff at this level. This shows that the future is looking bright.

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